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to observe and record. bill: not that. great to be with you. see you later today. -- not bad. "happening now" startup right now. -- starts right now. jon: good morning. former vice president dick cheney launches a sharp attack on the obama administration defending the cia's investigation of terrorists, and blasting eric holder for investigating cia personnel over the masses -- methods used. in an exclusive interview with chris wallace, dick cheney left the obama administration have it, saying the new investigation is politically motivated and
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dangerous. >> i think it is an outrageous political act that will do great damage long-term to our capacity to be able to have people take on difficult jobs, make difficult decisions without having to worry about what the next administration will say. jon: catherine herridge is following up on that interview. the former vice president was very blunt, and wasn't she? >> yes, and he was articulating the position of many critics. he spoke directly with chris wallace on sunday. >> it is a very devastating affect on morale inside the intelligence community. if they assume they will have to do with the political consequences -- and this is clearly a political move.
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>> the official position of the cia is their employees are driven by the mission, and not by the had blind. critic -- headlines. jon: is it true that not all of the higher ups in the party chair the vice-president criticism? >> this week and john mccain said in essence the and never a justifies the means. even though we have gathered important intelligence that prevented further attacks in the u.s., and does not justify using these extreme interrogation practices. practices that he describes as torture. one of the interesting things about the debate is you have two sides that are simply not reconcilable.
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the former vice-president called for the beliefs of those documents saying it would show with the protection that it provided, but if you look closely, they do not mention certain techniques. it is this great area that has created fertile ground for this debate. john, any response from the attorney general? >> not specifically to mr. cheney's interviewed over the weekend. but the position of the attorney general is that he will do nothing that will jeopardize national security, and that he has looked at the intermission before hand. even though the president said he wants to move forward, he feels it is his responsibility to uphold the law. i will point out that thesone
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prosecutor has already been prosecuted. so you have to ask yourself, what has changed in the last five years? the politics have not changed, so it is the politics. -- the policies have not changed, so it is the politics. patti ann: -- heather: now to los angeles where they are waking up to him as a wild fire. it doubled in size overnight and is blamed for the death of two fires. the station fired is threatening 12,000 homes, also forcing the evacuation of nearby residents. adam housley is with us. we were saddened to hear the news of the two firefighters. what happened?
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>> things are not looking very good right now, i hate to say. you just mentioned the station fire. two firefighters were killed trying to escape the flames. we have covered a number of these things, and many of these areas have narrow, dark road, and that can make it very tedious for fire fighters going up and down. two lost their lives unfortunately doing that. now there is another fire in san bernardino county, one in sacramento. we are told that 50 homes burned there. fire conditions are pretty tough, low humidity, high temperatures, and we still have a couple months left in the fire season.
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heather: the governor describing these fires as out-of-control. what is happening to get them under control? >> right now they are hoping for some better weather conditions. regd flag warnings are in effect right now, but we are hoping to see some marine moisture coming in. i want to bring in someone who lives here. you cleared a lot of this fire yourself. you also talked about how crazy it was, for lack of a better terms, how big the flames were. >> that's right, we had four- foot high flames on either side of the property here. i was able to get a bunch of
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retired firefighters together and we set up some firetrucks that we purchased to hold it off until the category showed up. >> this area has been pretty clear, but how much has burned so far? >> i have heard reports of 22 cabins. these are your long residences for some of these people, even though they are called cabins. we have some horses over here. they were able to escape the fire as well. >> he is unfortunate and he saved his home, but as we mentioned, three larger homes anhave already burned.
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heather: that's right. and wildfire season not over yet. our viewers in california have been showing us how big and strong the fire is with their photographs. this is outside nasa's jet propulsion laboratory. if you are in the area and you can get photographed safely, send them to us at the jon: and update -- jon: an update on a store that has horrified northern california. a couple accused of kidnapping a young girl and holding her for 18 years. jaycee lee dugard was snatched
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from the street while walking to the bus stop. she was set free last week along with her two children. investigators are digging up the area around philip and nancy garrido's house. officials said they kept her in a tent over years and raped and fathered two daughters with her. we are live in california. >> for the fourth straight day, investigators have resumed their search, torching two properties side by side for evidence in this case, but also for unsolved crimes, including the murders of several women in the 1990's. over the weekend they had cadaver dogs, chain saws, and rakes to dig up the yard behind me. that is a police processing
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center behind me. behind that is an area where phillip garrido was said to have lived before the new homeowners move in. investigators say this is a complicated case. here is the surest the person. -- the share of spokesperson. >> there is much more to do and this could take weeks, if not months. >> we had our first pictures of the conditions in which jaycee lee dugard and her daughters lived for so many years. in a shed that could only be open from the outside connected to a metal cage. then we see a random welcome sign from a tree. investigators will be combing
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through the senate and campground throughout the day. neighbors are expressing concern whether or not lawmakers -- police are doing enough to keep tabs on the sexual predators registered in this area. heather: this is a fox news alert. georgia police releasing a frantic 911 call by a man who discovers his whole family dead. when police arrived, seven people were found dead, two in critical condition. one of them died yesterday. let's take a listen to the phone call. >> he went in there and feed everybody. they are all dead. >> who went in? >> somebody from the family.
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the maintenance man has not been inside. >> my god, there are screaming. heather: much more on this story later. jon: the dow is down 75 points right now as we get word in the entertainment world. spider-man has been spun a web by mickey mouse? jenna lee has more. >> it is a $4 billion acquisition. it is a big deal. markets are not reacting much, but it is important. it will be an interesting fusing of families. marvel entertainment has a whole cast of characters that we have
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come to know lately. a lot of these bigger names joining forces with disney, who already picked up pixar. the c o told us that this was a strategic move for him. he also made mention that this was a way to bring in younger boys to disney. hannah montana was bringing in the young girls, but this could be a way to bring in some of the younger guys. jon: thank you. heather: a murder mystery in georgia. eight people found dead, leaving the community in fear that the killer could strike again. new pictures of the lockerbie bomb are freed from prison because he was dying.
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jon: now to the middle east and a fox news exclusive. bret baier gets a to or from israeli president trone perez in any to loss of interview. bret baier is in jerusalem now with the highlights. the question everyone is asking it is, is there any kind of a breakthrough on peace negotiations? >> i think they are close. the israeli president told us the plan now is for benjamin netanyahu to meet with palestinian president mahmoud abbas at the united nations. president obama is expected to chair that meeting.
11:18 am
according to the president, the plan is not to have an announcement that peace negotiations are moving forward, at least if things continue the way they are. in order for that to happen, the israelis may have to agree to a freeze of settlements outside of the borders of israel. that is a tough thing for the government, but it sounds like from the interview that there are close to doing that. jon: you visited the border with the president. what did he have to say? >> it was interesting. we were just a few hundred yards away from the border. days before the rocket had been fired in the area. he said israel always has to respond quickly whenever it is attacked. >> just yesterday a rocket was fired from here, landing
11:19 am
somewhere near. >> yes, if they shoot at us, we reply immediately. >> they can see you at this location. do you get bored? >> no. there is an unwritten game between us and them. if they wanted to suspect that, they will pay. >> the air force bombed a tunnel that hamas was using. he said that there are many thousands of tunnels in the area that hamas uses to get in and out, as well as to launch these attacks. jon: you can catch the exclusive interview with president peres tonight at 6:00 eastern time.
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go to ♪ jon: this is a fox news alert. take a look at the smoky haze over a los angeles area. a huge fire and a doubling in size overnight. 80,000 acres on fire right now. apparently they only have 5% of this thing contained. they have their plans in the airdropping that fire-retardant slurry.
11:24 am
there is an awful lot of dead and dry fuel on the ground and that is what is making this so big and scary. two firefighters were killed yesterday when their truck tumbled down a mountainside. apparently they could not see because the smoke was so thick. 6600 homes under mandatory evacuation and 12,000 homes are threatened. we will keep you updated. heather: now to georgia where we are learning about the details of a murder of the entire family. police releasing a frantic 911 call of the discovery. there are no eight people dead. in ninth person for made in could look a condition at the hospital. the relative who discovered the bodies called 911 and said my
11:25 am
whole family is dead. that man is facing charges of drug possession and lying to the police, but there are not calling him a suspect. police now have a $25,000 reward in the case. joining us this morning is a reporter. thank you for checking in with us. police have no official suspects, but what are you hearing? >> they are telling us that are still searching for suspects. yesterday they searched the residence. they have been pretty cryptic in the investigation. people are on edge. they are telling people to be alert. there is no description of anyone, any vehicles, and it is
11:26 am
not clear where the investigation is heading, but right now people are on edge. heather: i am hearing from people in the area that there could be a serial killer in the loose? >> i do not know about that. police are just not releasing all lot of information. they were members of a family and it various forms. it is not clear whether it was a domestic thing, whether it was unrelated. that information has not been put out. there is a ton of information out there, but we are not really biting. heather: there was a phone call that was made at the same residence before. do we know what for? >> we do not. heather: the family member who called 911 to report his family missing -- he was arrested over the weekend.
11:27 am
he was charged with lying to police and possession of marijuana and prescription drugs. do they believe he had anything to do with this? >> again, they have been very cryptic about what they are saying. he did not call 911, by the way. it was one of the neighbors. they did say that he lied to them as they investigated. what that bus, we do not know. heather: thank you for joining us this morning. we will have another 911 tape for you in a bit. jon: killer of wildfires are still raging on of control in southern california. take a look at these pictures. the biggest one doubled in size overnight, inching closer to thousands of homes on the north side of los angeles.
11:28 am
we will take you there. and new details on what may have sparked the lockerbie bomber's release. but the u.k. may have known about sending the terrorist back to libya. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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jon: disturbing new allegations in the controversial release of the only terrorist ever convicted in the lockerbie bombing. abdul basset al-megradhi got a
11:32 am
hero's welcome when he returned to libya after serving only eight years in prison. 270 people were killed in that attack, including american students. the worst terrorist attack ever on british soil. now there is word that britain may have paved the way for his release. fox video -- our fox radio correspondent is with us. the allegation is that he was let go because of some oil deal made available to the british government. what are they saying about that? >> two years ago, there was a major deal with libya and that was faltering. they made it known that they would be prepared to allow abdul basset al-megradhi to be released.
11:33 am
within a few weeks, the oil deal was through, $22 billion for a british oil company. of course, families of the victims are calling this in the trail. they confirmed that this happened, but said it was not part of the release of the prisoner. jon: abdul basset al-megradhi was let go because he was said to have only months to live. what do we know about his condition? >> doctors said he had advanced prostate cancer and would be dead in a few months. that was the basis for the humanitarian decision to send him home. we saw him arrive in libya, which was pretty hard to stomach. although we have since seen
11:34 am
pictures of him in hospital, we do not know just how ill he was. jon: thank you. heather: hurricane hajimena is threatening islands off to the south. janice dean is tracking this in the fox mulder center. >> we could get some of the moisture in the four corners region. i would love to see that moisture make its way into southern california. let me show you where the storm is.
11:35 am
ok, we do not have it. 145 miles per hour sustained winds. it is expected to move up to baja. there is the path. beautiful beach resorts along the western mainland of mexico, moving into baja, california, perhaps as a category two. this is a potentially dangerous storm and people are being warned to stay out of the water with dangerous rip currents. we will be watching this over the next several days. in the atlantic, what is behind kevin? we saw that as all out -- fizzle out. if this storm is named, it will
11:36 am
become ever cut. -- erica. we will have to watch its path as computer models move further ahead in time. as we move closer to the bahamas, certainly an area of interest as we move through the week. wild fires is our other big story. unfortunately, the temperatures are still warm, low humidity. if there is any good news, the wind is not a factor, but wild fires of this size tend to make their own weather patterns, and they can be more erratic. no moisture in the forecast, and temperatures should remain warm. heather: let's hope jimena gives us some rain.
11:37 am
thank you, janice dean. jon: new developments to tell you about in the crash of that air france their plan that broke up over the atlantic from brazil. the man leading the investigation says he needs more money for resources to search for the black box. he says at this point investigators do not know what caused the plane to crash. he says they are making progress but they will need to conduct a third search in the ocean, and that could cost tens of millions. all 228 people on board were killed. a problem with an air speed indicator is contributed to playing a part. heather: astronauts are arriving at the international space
11:38 am
station, dropping off equipment, and passion not, and a treadmill. they greeted each other as the hatch swung open. the newest resident, american nicole scott. jon: i wish she were a valid test. take a look -- a relative. take a look at the new york stock exchange. down 84 points. banks seem to be recovering nicely from the so-called financial meltdown. eight of them paying back uncle sam in full for billions of dollars in bailout funds, including interest. that means taxpayers are getting money back. how does that compare to the money that we gave out? >> we are getting some money
11:39 am
back, but it is a small amount. there is a positive trend here that we want to touch on, since we are nearing the anniversary of this financial crisis. we know that goldman sachs received $10 million into our -- t.a.r.p. money. they also pay back $1.4 billion in interest, as well as in future stocks. so we made a little bit of money here. in the case of morgan stanley, they had $10 billion. they take back $1.3 billion in warrant an interest. so the trend that we are seeing is we are making a bit of money from this interest. we still have $700 billion in t.a.r.p. money out there but there is still a lot of money out there supporting these major firms.
11:40 am
jon: it is nice to know the government can make money on one investment. there are a lot of other program that we are losing money on no, right? >> we are going to get the results for the cash for clunkers program. ford and gm have tons of money and loans, and we do not know if we are going to get that money back. it is a question of how much money we are going to see. heather: president obama faces a major challenge in the battle of health care reform. when everyone comes back from summer vacation, both sides are playing for keeps. does the president have enough political capital to make a deal? and then we have an amazing rescue story. and overturned catamaran that
11:41 am
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heather: and john mccain is back at it again holding another town hall meeting. it is close to the public but is open to the press. the senator, along with kit bond and mcconnell meeting with doctors, nurses, and small business owners. steve brown is with us in kansas city. what makes this different from other town hall meetings? it is not really a town hall if it is not open. >> that is essentially it. gathering here today are doctors, staff here at the
11:45 am
hospital, as well as small business owners. lots of players in the medical field. they are here to talk about this particular bill and to look for solutions. heather: what are they saying about why this meeting is not open to the public? republicans say that democrats are shutting them out of the process. >> there is that criticism of their. claire mccaskill said the same sort of thing, that it was close to the public. in all fairness, all three have held public forums in their respective state to talk about the broader issues. while it is closed, they have left themselves open to public forums.
11:46 am
heather: thank you. jon: president obama is back from vacation, ready to tackle what could be an uphill battle in health care reform. it got even steeper over the weekend after one member of the gang of six issued a sharp attack over reform plans. >> democrats are trying to rush the bill through congress that will make our nation's finances sicker without saving you money. jon: joining me now is the former communications director for dennis hastert. as well, an assistant to trent lott. jason, let's go to you first. we said the road has got steeper for this president if he wants health care reform passed. your assessment? >> i think it will be important
11:47 am
not just for president obama, but all democrats, to frame the issue in a way that makes sense for americans with insurance. all americans care about is the cost of insurance. a lot of americans do not like paying rising premiums and a rising copays into a system that does not necessarily provide effective coverage. as long as democrats can stay focused on those types of issues, they should be able to keep reform on track. jon: they do not like to see the deficit numbers as well, $9 trillion over the next decade. if you throw health care into that, doesn't it just get worse? >> yes, this is about president obama tried to save face. first the democrats tried to ram the bill through before the august break. they received some tremendous
11:48 am
negative reaction. now they are thinking about doing the same in the senate, which i imagine would be an even greater reaction. 70% of the american people like their health insurance. they like the way that things are now. polling shows that people are able to may -- pay more for their health care than ever before. tinkering in this massive health care bill is a mistake. it is a political pinata for obama and the democrats. jon: why was there this rush to get it passed before the august recess? if not -- it seems the more people that find out about this bill, the less they like it. >> that is right, because otherwise they would have tried to rush the bill through the process. people caught onto that quickly. democrats were caught off guard
11:49 am
and off message. if you want a bipartisan process, a bipartisan bill, you have to put one in a bipartisan way. you will not get everything you want in a bill, and you have to work with the other side. jon: will there be any semblance of the bill that we are looking at now, or will they have to scrap it? >> i would not say bipartisanship is it dead. this gang of six is scheduled to meet when congress returns from recess. i think we will hear from a lot of congressmen and senators talking about senator kennedy and how he was able to bring republicans and democrats together across the aisle. as long as we can focus on that, reform should stay on track.
11:50 am
jon: thank you. heather: we are keeping an eye on a deadly wildfire burning in california. two firefighters have been killed and 12,000 homes burned. vuçw
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jon: imagine if this were your house. it is a break-in caught on tape. surveillance video captures thieves burglarizing a home in georgia. now the homeowner's are posting this video hoping that someone will recognize the bad guys. it is the second time in less than a year that their home has been burglarized. this time, the thieves made away with a laptop. heather: across the country, it
11:54 am
is back-to-school time. a new subject on the mind of many parents is the h1n1 virus. the initial outbreak earlier this year forced many schools to close down. this year, the cdc is suggesting a different approach. this school closed last spring because of the h1n1 virus. this year, the cdc is recommending that schools like that once they open. why? >> that is true. they say just closing schools and keeping kids away will not stop the spread. they saw that last spring. they are saying now, take steps like making sure that you have a parent to stay home with a sick child. keep them at home if they display any kind of symptoms. make sure that they understand they have to keep their hands washed. this year, it is all about preventing the spread.
11:55 am
want to make sure they do not have to go through the same disruption that they saw last spring. there were several schools that also had a handful of cases at the same time. so, they closed three large school districts, 51,000 kids needing to stay at home. you could imagine the destruction. -- imagine the disruption. this year, they are adding things like that and they are teaching these kids how to cough and sneeze into their arm to make sure that they are using a hand sanitizer in keeping their hands clean. it is all about preventing the spread. if a child comes to them with any kind of symptoms, they are put in a special room where they are kept away from other kids and sent home. if a kid comes down with symptoms, they go home to get away from the other kids. heather: maybe they will teach
11:56 am
adults that one as well. fox news has all the information that you need on h1n1. you can enter h1n1 into the search box. you will find answers to all of your questions and some of our reporting is ram -- is available as well. jon: there is new video just in. police back on the scene where jaycee dugard was held captive for 18 years. some detroit -- some disturbing new details revealed today did she ever see any signs of trouble? of former vice president dick cheney is of the attack. he is blasting the obama administration. why he accuses the president of setting a terrible precedent. he is calling the decision a partisan political decision that undermines this nation's security. >> the approach of the obama administration should be coming
11:57 am
to us people and say, what did you do? instead, they are out there threatening to disbar the lawyers who gave us the legal opinions, threatening contrary to what the president originally said.
11:58 am
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12:00 pm
jon: breaking ellyn calif., a mass of wildfire that is raging out of control. take a look from the sky. you could see this fire burning north and east of los angeles. it has doubled in size in the past 24 hours. two firefighters are dead after their truck rolled down into a canyon. the fire is only 5% contained. the flames scorched more than 85,000 acres. that is roughly the size of philadelphia. it is threatening 12,000 more homes. we will keep you updated on this
12:01 pm
fire as firefighters are trying to get the upper hand on it. they apparently lost sight of the road on which they were traveling. their vehicle rolled down into a canyon. they'll both been confirmed as the first to fatalities as a result of this fire. heather: all of the brush that is out there not only be around people's home, but also in the forest, as well. fox news viewers are sending us lots of photos of the southern california fires. do you recognize that sign in the foreground? that is the rose bowl. this one from joshua. he sends a in and those are fire trucks lined up along the road. this is what the fire looks like in the sunlight. he was a mile away when he took the shot, but you could see how high the smoke is rising. it if you can safely get pictures, send them to us.
12:02 pm
you can upload your pictures and video and check out what other viewers are sending in. only if you could get those pictures safely. this kind of weather can be a firefighters best friend, but it can also be his worst enemy in battling the wildfires. janice dean is live for us with the conditions that crews will be facing in southern california today. good morning. the weather is a very important component of their ability to battle these fires. what do you see coming down the pike? >> we do not see a lot of right -- a lot of moisture in the area. temperatures have been extremely hot over the past week or so. temperatures close to 100 degrees and up. this is the satellite and radar composite. not even a marine layer working its way into this region to bring that relative humidity up. conditions are very dry.
12:03 pm
if there is any good news, as the fire gets bigger,, the fire can create its own wind pattern can be very erratic. you could see how close loss angeles is to the station fire. four large incidents in southern california, not just this fire, we are tracking four large fires across southern california. temperatures are not helping things. it is 9:00 in loss angeles. already 80 degrees. a 90 degree temperatures and for those firefighters. as someone who is married to a firefighter, my heart goes out to those families of the fire fighters that have died trying to fight this incredible fire. it doubled inside last night. 85,000 acres, only 5% containment. it is still hot, dry, but low
12:04 pm
relative humidity. if anyone could say a prayer to help those firefighters, that would be definitely needed today. back to you guys. jon: we are born -- we're waiting for a briefing at the white house. press secretary robert gibbs is going to get all kinds of questions about former vice president j.t.'s comments about justice department investigations just launched. he ripped a decision by attorney general eric holder and in which he green light to an investigation into whether cia agents broke the law when interrogating suspected terrorists. it is dick cheney charging that this decision was politically motivated? that is his charge. what does he mean by that? >> the former vice-president is accusing the obama administration of bowling from pressure from the left wing of
12:05 pm
the democratic party with this investigation he calls it in our righteous political act. here is what he said. >> it is a very devastating effect that it has on our raúl inside the intelligence community. if they assume that they're going to have to be dealing with the political consequences -- it is clearly a political move. there is no the rationale for why they are doing this. >> under the bush administration, there were guidelines that allowed the cia to use waterboarding and other harsh sodomy tactics. this investigation is only supposed to look at interrogators and what went beyond those guidelines. jon: the former vice president also had some pretty tough words for president obama. can you share that with us? >> the former vice president said that president obama was ducking responsibility by suggesting the decision to investigate was left entirely up
12:06 pm
to the attorney general. on the water assessment of his record he said that he was not a fan of president obama to begin with and that has not changed. he says he does not believe the president understands what needs to be done to defend this nation. jon: thank you. we will have a fair and balanced debate a little bit clearer in the hour on the former vice president's comments and the reaction they are getting from those in favor and opposed to the investigation. heather: a new report on iran's nuclear arsenal. a nuclear watchdog agency saying that in iran is reducing its uranium enrichment. jennifer griffin is live for us at the pentagon with more on this. israel is clearly feeling a little bit more anxious about iran's nuclear program.
12:07 pm
how much time before iran gets a nuclear weapon? >> the intelligence agencies here in the united states in israel have different views as to oblong it would take. my colleague said -- sat down with the israeli president today. he had an exclusive interview. here is what shimon peres, the israeli president had to say. >> how long does israel believe it will take iran to get a nuclear weapon? >> the difference is a year or two. the american estimation is three years. that is on the shorter end. >> do you have any confidence in the iaea? >> i do not think so. he did not discover until now that there was a nuclear danger in syria. facts are stronger than institutions.
12:08 pm
institutions should not lag behind the realities. >> you could hear his complete interview with president shimon peres tonight at 6:00 on special report. heather: the iaea recently delivered its quarterly report on iran's nuclear program. what are the details? >> it was not released publicly, but we got a leaked copy. the quarterly report is the first time that the iaea's head has reported that iran has fewer centrifuges operating than it did just three months ago it is 300 fewer centrifuges. those are the machines that enrich the uranium. it is not clear why that reduction. are they having technical problems? are the gearing up to engage the obama administration? they do not know the answer to that. it is possible according to one
12:09 pm
source that they are having technical difficulties because they aren't such a rush and to enrich uranium that the centrifuges are breaking down and they do not know how to fix them. jon: some breaking news just in in the fox news room. messages gov. deval patrick is going to make an announcement around 3:00 eastern time. the governor expected to talk about how he intends to fill that senate seat left open by the death of senator edward kennedy. right now, the law reads that there has to be a special election. kennedy had been pushing for that lot to be changed again so that the governor could make an appointment. the announcement is expected to come down later this afternoon. we will have it for you live. heather: a new search is underway at the home of the california couple up -- charged with the abduction and the rape of jaycee lee dugard.
12:10 pm
investigators combing the backyard compound where police say that they held dugard since 1991. cops are searching a property right next door. they are searching for clues, possibly linking gurido to several murders of prostitutes. now the suspect's father is speaking out. take a listen. >> he is out of his head. he was on lsd. he had a very serious motorcycle wreck. he was still a young teenager. they had to call me at work saying that he had an accident. that is it. the lsd killed him. heather: his father believes that his son has something to do with the missing prostitute. what drives someone to possibly do something like about the 11-
12:11 pm
year-old girl? we will speak to someone who has known philip garrido. jon: a miracle at sea to report. three boaters missing for more than a week turned up safe and sound. an amazing story of survival. we will hear about it from the man who rescued them. we are now learning more about the man accused of holding that young girl captive for 18 years. more on the philip garrido story next.
12:12 pm
 i never thought i would have a heart attack, but i did. you need to talk to your doctor about aspirin. you need to be your own advocate. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. you take care of your kids, now it's time to take care of yourself.
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12:14 pm
jon: they vanished at see more than a week ago. their families worried that they would never see their loved ones again. just one day after the coast guard called off its search, three missing boaters are safe on dry land. they spent more than a week in the gulf of mexico drifting around on a capsized boat 200 miles off the coast of texas. they were finally rescued
12:15 pm
saturday night by a local car dealer. he joins us with this amazing story. you were out on a fishing trip and you thought you saw something? >> i was bringing the boat back to port. circling this rig, i saw something bobbing up in the water. i told them, go in that direction. jon: the amazing thing is that you saw it from the lower deck of the fishing boat. it when you climb up when you should theoretically have a better view, you could not see it, right? >> i think the only reason i could see it is because i was level with the horizon. as soon as we went up on top, we
12:16 pm
could not see a thing. i turned the boat around. i knew i saw something. jon: it turned out to be the t- shirts to try to attack -- try to attract attention? >> yes. we were probably 2 miles away from them. they were waving t-shirts. each of them had their t-shirt. jon: they said that they were hallucinating during their ordeal. they were not even sure that it was real. they thought maybe it was a day mirage. what was the first word that you exchange with them? >> we started backing up the boat as we were packing up their, we said, what is your name? we told the coast guard their names. they said that they have been missing for eight days.
12:17 pm
the aldus jumped in the water and start swimming to us. jon: they were pretty excited to get on your boat, obviously. >> i opened the door on the back of the boat. they grabbed a hold of may. i did not know that they were missing. they all started screaming and hollering, we made it, we made it. it was unbelievable. jon: they made it because they had managed to salvage a six- pack of crackers and a couple gallons of water from their vessel after it overturned they were drinking a hose from the
12:18 pm
washdown tank, some rather nasty water, but it was least -- it was at least drinkable. what did you do in terms of food? >> as soon as they got on the boat, we got them some water. we took some fresh water and we watched them down really good. we did that and then we talked to the coast guard about feeding them. we were just fixing to start dinner. the coast guard said, they're healthy. feed them. we started a steak dinner jon: the coast guard had surged 86,000 square miles and and they could not find them. >> they actually flew right over them once or twice.
12:19 pm
i guess the coast guard never saw them. jon: just amazing. i bet you're going to be their friend for life. >> they rode in with me for about seven hours. they told all the stories day- by-day. it was just unbelievable. jon: the right place the right time. good to talk to you, sir. heather: what a story. i bet that was the best tasting stake that they ever had. major developments in that bizarre kidnapping case in california. police expanding their choice -- their search around the property of the suspect in the case. we are taking a look at brand new pictures and brand new video of the search. we will talk to someone who has known him and has known his wife for five years. did she see any signs of trouble?
12:20 pm
we will ask that question coming up. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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12:23 pm
jon: it is 20 after 9:00 in the morning on the pacific coast. and massive wildfire raising out-of-control there. -- -- out of control there. in just the last 24 hours, the fire has doubled in size. let's talk to a representative of a the u.s. forest service. do you know what the status is right now? >> the fire was approximately 2 miles away from the area. it is spreading.
12:24 pm
jon: ostroff -- still threatened. i know firefighters had done what they could to protect that towers and the structures, but they had to actually evacuate the area? >> i do not know about that. they are doing all they can that is humanly possible. jon: you did not have a lot of wind over night. this thing still exploded because there is so much material there on the ground that has not burned in decades. >> that is correct the burnie index which is fuel moisture and content is actually at the highest they have never seen it. jon: i know that almost 7000 homes are under mandatory evacuations. i also know that there are some people up there who are not leaving. they think they can stay behind and save their houses.
12:25 pm
people tried to stay safe in a hot tub and they were pretty badly burned? >> they had to get in their hot tub during the fire. jon: obviously not a good thing to do. >> we do not want to report any more desperate >> there have been two firefighters killed already. we wish you well as you try to get this under control. heather: police releasing of the chilling 911 call about a grisly mass murder in georgia. they were found dead on saturday morning. and eighth victim died yesterday in the hospital. police are not saying how the victim's were killed, but police arrested this man. they arrested him for drug possession and for allegedly lying to the police.
12:26 pm
he is related to a least one of the victims. he is also the man who reported the murders to the 911 operator. here is part of the call. heather: jonathan, you heard that 911 tape. there is also another 911 call. what kind of clues to have so far? >> that initial call came from a neighbor, actually. you hear him in the background. finally, the neighbor passes the phone who begins speaking to the 911 operator.
12:27 pm
>> he claims that his family members were beaten to death. later in that call, you hear him trying to manage a potentially vicious dog, trying to restrain that dog before police and rescuers arrive in a separate 911 call from the property manager of that mobile home park, you hear her wonder aloud how anyone could have gotten into that home to commit such a crime if that dog was there. heather: what are police say about the case? >> police are saying very little. they will not say whether he is a suspect. at the same time, they say that they cannot rule him out. the police chief says that this is the worst murder that he has handled in his 25 history -- 25 year history with the department. heather: where exactly did this take place? >> hideous na mobile home park
12:28 pm
that is in brunswick. this particular property used to be a working plantation back in the 1700's. it was run by henry lorrens. heather: we hope they make some headway on this investigation. thank you. jon: it will take something to get to the bottom of that case. what goes on in the mind of a man accused in such a horrific crime? we will talk to a woman who knew phillip garrido and his wife for five years. with memberships and fees. but not walmart. they have hundreds of generic prescriptions for just $4 for up to a 30-day supply or $10 for 90 days. save money. live better. walmart. you've gotta wash this whole room! are you kidding? wash it?!
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute heather: investigators are back at the scene of that horrific kidnapping in california. police are digging up the background compound. phillip stands accused of raping and kidnapping jaycee lee dugard. he may be involved in the murders of the least 10 women. do people who knew the family ever suspect anything? she says that she knew him for about five years. he ran a printing business out of his home. what was he like?
12:33 pm
>> i met him initially through another business contact. he appeared to be pretty normal. he was a little standoffish. he would deliver the stuff that we ordered. we would pay him and then he would come out of the office. then he started talking about religion and he would stay longer. he would bombard us a little bit with literature and revelations about god. heather: were these bizarre rantings or did they seem normal? >> it was not normal religious stuff. coming from my background, it was not normal to me. heather: onna least one occasion, you had a chance to pick up some of his things. i understand that you met the youngest daughter.
12:34 pm
how did she seem to you? >> we brought her to the offers. she seemed normal, but very reserved and quiet. the impression that i got knowing that he was kind of strange and different was that i would not allow my daughter to be with him. heather: you got this feeling that you would not allow your children to be around him? >> yes. heather: we see these pictures and it seems so bizarre that police and parole officers would not have noticed that there was a hit in compound in the yard. you had been over to that home. what did you see there? how did it strike you? >> what occurred to me? heather: we see these pictures of these tents on the property. parole officers said that they never noticed any of that existed. what did you notice there in his
12:35 pm
house? >> he met me on the dirt road. i did not look as far as the backyard. we did have a conversation about him refinancing the house. i looked at it as a real-estate agent and thought it was an older home. with the market being so bad, i told him you would have to really qualify for the loan. i did not have the inclination that he could afford to put cash down of the home. heather: you did not notice anything unusual about it? what about the young woman who is now 29, but had been adopted at the age of 11? some people are saying that she was a part of the printing business and she conducted business with outsiders. did you ever encounter her? >> i spoke to what i thought was a child with regard to some printing. what happened was that he did
12:36 pm
not return my phone calls. someone had called me back to tell me that he was teaching her the business. i conducted business with her. that was the only contact that i had. heather: when you hear from people living in the community, some will say that they knew that he was a registered sex offender. others will say that they knew that there were children living in the home. was it a community where people did not want to get involved in the actions of their neighbors? >> i am not really sure about this area here. it is kind of a rural area. it is somewhat secluded. even my first time driving back here, i thought it was a little strange i should not say strange, but it was away from the main street. heather: carla kirkland, thank
12:37 pm
you so much for joining us and for your insights today. jon: federal investigators are working to protect kids around the world from the illicit practice of sex tourism. predators traveling across oceans, places like cambodia and thailand, to have sex with minors. american law enforcement is drawing a clear line in the sand. a group of suspects is arriving back on u.s. soil. who are these people being brought into los angeles today? >> there are very nasty guys. there are three sex offenders aboard this airplane after serving time in u.s. prisons,
12:38 pm
they joined the international child sex tourism industry. the video you are seeing now was taken in cambodia where these crimes occurred. let me tell you about these individuals. they have multiple victims. one of them had bought a 13- year-old boy. the attorney gave his family $2 and a bag of rice. they call him the pied piper of pedophiles. he would crews these neighborhoods dropping dollar bills behind him to lure these boys back to his home. he had served 12 years and a california prison for molesting as many as 500 boys here, most not -- mostly on camping trips the third individual would go to these child brussels. girls as young as eight years old, he molested. that is according to an affidavit that i've read. it is an operation being
12:39 pm
conducted by emigrations and customs. they are going to unveil the results and the names of these individuals and about one hour. we will know their identities in about an hour. jon: a disgusting crime. if they committed them overseas, how can they prosecute them here in the west? >> it was because of the scrutiny that sex offenders have here in the u.s.. now that their names and photographs are posted on police websites around the country, these guys go to southeast asia to commit their crimes. the law provides for its u.s. investigators talk to these kids and interview them going to southeast asia, they can use that evidence and if the guy is convicted, they could get up to life in prison.
12:40 pm
that is the aim, to send a message to these guys. jon: let's hope that they get them all. heather: did you see this interview over the weekend? especially when it came to president obama's handling of harsh interrogations' at the cia. >> i think he is trying to duck the responsibility for what is going on here i think it is wrong. heather: he also said that everything that cia interrogators did was legal. that is coming up straight ahead.
12:41 pm
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martha: if you did not get a chance to see vice president dick cheney's interview with chris wallace, we are about to dig into this.
12:44 pm
he basically said that this action of looking into the cia actions after 9/11 is devastating. he says they should be asking us for advice on how to sodomize people. we will get reaction to that coming up on "the live desk." trace: did you hear this story about jaycee lee dugard? we have this picture of the backyard. brand new pictures coming out of that. martha: we will see you then. jon: former vice president dick cheney taking on the justice department in an exclusive interview with "fox news sunday." he says the decision to review our interrogation techniques sets a dangerous precedent. he claims it is all politically motivated take a listen. >> the justice department has
12:45 pm
already reviewed the inspector general's report five years ago. now they are dragging it back up again. eric holder is going to try to find some evidence of wrongdoing. jon: is the matter over and done with? let's talk with the former director of public affairs at the cia. former democratic counsel to the house judiciary committee also joins us. you heard the vice president say that essentially this investigation is so that president obama can placate the left wing of the democratic party. what are your thoughts? >> i think you have to consider the source. this is the vice president who was responsible for messing up so many things in direct, afghanistan, and elsewhere. vice president cheney is not a legal expert. what if an investigation shows gross violations of criminal law? what do you do? are we a nation of men or a nation of laws?
12:46 pm
you have to face the inevitable question that if laws were violated, what do you do about that? the torture statute came out of the judiciary committee. it is a badly written statute. i think the other side may have an argument from a legal point of view, but vice president cheney is not a lawyer. for him to be saying there is no legal violation whatsoever seems to be a bit of a silly argument. jon: there were lawyers and legal experts and career prosecutors at the justice department to look to all of these allegations in the past. they cleared them, right? >> exactly. mrs. another investigation. the second that the cia was informed of anyone working outside of the specific guidelines they were given, it was immediately referred over to the department of justice.
12:47 pm
hess they deemed that only one was worth pursuing and looking into. essentially what we have is a new president, a new political regime that is in charge of the department of justice suddenly saying, we do not really care what these curris believed five years ago. this is an incredibly dangerous precedent. what you have is basically any time the political winds shifted to avenue de administration in position of power, you could have them go back and look at an overturned investigations and decisions that were made previously by other departments of justice. >> i think the white house agrees that this is bad politics. i do not think the white house wants to get into looking back into these possible violations. it distracts them from getting things done like fixing the economy and fixing health care. having said that, your guest mentions the fact that this has
12:48 pm
been reviewed. nearly every single legal expert outside of the bush cheney administration looked at the bush cheney legal opinions that came out and they are largely considered a joke in legal communities. to say that this has been investigated by peoples whose bosses had invested interest in the outcome is not a very serious investigation and would not be taken seriously. with the justice department is doing -- no one is talking about prosecutions. to see if in fact quote -- grows laws were violated on unwanted bases and if in fact that turns out to be true, i would put my question back to you, what do we do in an instance like that? >> these were already investigated by criminal prosecutors. these were not looking into -- i appreciate the fact that you are trying to [unintelligible] whether or not the legal
12:49 pm
decisions by the bush political appointees and justice department officials were appropriate or not. we're looking at specific incidents that were outlined that have already been investigated. what we're not even talking about is the impact that this has on those were fighting the war on the front lines. they are going to be spending more time worrying about the bureaucracy in washington and whether or not have to hire lawyers and what the rules of the road are any more inset of thinking about how do we best defeat terrorists. that is an incredibly horrible position your putting people in. >> i do not think that is the case. appreciate the fact that we now have an administration that wants to play by the rules and as people like john mccain have said, these tactics to undermine our national security because they said a terrible message to the end of the rule -- to the rest of the world that we do not follow our own rules.
12:50 pm
jon: we're going to have to leave it there. obviously, this teapot continues to boil. we will have you back on. heather: we're keeping a close eye on a breaking story in southern california. a huge wildfire in southern california. . ?7
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
heather: and a former football coach expected to stand in court today, charged with killing one of his players. >> i lost one of my boys. he met the world to me. heather: last august after more than two hours of practice, in
12:54 pm
94-degree heat, the football coach ordered some of his players to run sprints until someone quit. one of them collapsed and died three days later from complications of heat stroke. it could be the first time in history that a football coach is held criminally responsible for the wrongful death of a player. joining me now is a member of the texas high school sports association. thank you for joining us. tell me about his defense. how strong is it? he has been charged with reckless homicide and this is clearly a preventable death. >> he did not do anything wrong. it was just an unfortunate accident. it could have happened to any number of coaches anywhere in the country.
12:55 pm
he is being prosecuted unjustly, and we hope that he will be found innocent of all charges. heather: you say that this could have happened anywhere, but the heat index that day was 94 degrees. where does responsibility play into this? it is too hot, during some more water. what is wrong with that? >> the key index was 94. we do have a system in the state that monitors this type of thing, not only for football, but for all of our fall sports. if he index is too high, they are not allowed to practice. heather: i understand that, and that is according to state mandates, but what about common
12:56 pm
sense? it is too hot for these kids to be pushing this hard. >> with our mandated system in the state, we have precautions set up so that coaches are not allowed to practice when he gets too high. -- the heat gets too high. heather: i guess we will have to get to that another time. we appreciate your time. we will continue to follow this story as so many kids start the football season again. it is important for you to stay hydrated. if your coaches pushing you to heart, just sit it out. jon: governor schwarzenegger has declared states of emergency for four areas because of those wild
12:57 pm
fires. much more ahead. (mom) nothing gets in the way of my kids' breakfast. not even the occasional staring contest. (announcer) start their school year off right with a great kellogg's breakfast at an unbeatable price. save money. live better. walmart.
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